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I'm Matthew Lopez. I am a Chicago Native Game Designer. I Graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. While I can do a variety of things, my main area of expertise is within gameplay and level design. I want to make something that is worthwhile and fun for all players. It is my goal to craft experiences so that everyone can share memories of triumph, defeat, laughter, and frustration with one another.

Regardless of what project I am working on, I am ready to apply myself and contribute in any way that I can.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions! Alternatively, look at my resume.



Below are things that I have worked on or are currently working on. Feel free to contact me with any questions on anything you see and I will be more than happy to answer you as soon as possible!

For more experimental projects, visit my itch.io page: https://matthewlopez.itch.io/


The Shadow That Pervades

DePaul Originals Game Studio 

I was a Lead Level Designer on the studio's inaugural title that is in development. Learn more details about the game at: https://ogs.cdm.depaul.edu/



Senior Capstone 2020

This is our Senior Capstone from DePaul 2020. It is a skater-shooter hybrid. I did level design as well as texturing for the assets in game.


Duel It Yourself (DIY)

Global Game Jam 2020 Entry

The theme of Global Game Jam 2020 was repair. We came up with an idea of a western duel in space, but the kicker is that players have to build their guns before firing! I was lead designer and producer on this Jam.


Duel It Yourself: Rechambered

DePaul Originals Studio Prototype

This is a game that was worked on as a side project for the DePaul Originals Game Studio. It was approved for development by Lead Programmer Will Meyers. It is essentially the VR version of our Global Game Jam 2020 Entry and is how the game was originally envisioned as. I was project lead and lead artist on this prototype.



GMTK Game Jam 2020 Entry

This is a game that I designed for the Game Maker's Tool Kit Game Jam for 2020. The theme was: Out of Control. I worked with 10 other people to create a game about drunken pirates surviving for as long as possible. I worked on design and art.


That's It?

JDE Midsummer Jam 2020 Entry

This game was made in less than 12 hours. Honestly, less of a game and more of a Clickamajig with a story! I worked on design, music, sounds and art for this short project.

Tyrone de TBone.jpg

Eggliens From Outer Space!!

A Staying in Jam 2020 Entry

This is an arcade game in which players take on the role of an alien egg trying to skewer the most food people. This was developed completely remote due to COVID 19 in under 2 days. I worked on models, design and some minor sounds.


LoFi HiFive

Chill Jam 19 Entry

The theme of this game jam was to relax and help ease in beginners. We created this game in 12 hours. I was an artist on this project.


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